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in the Irish Renewable and Energy Sectors

Online Map

IrishEnergy Net offers an up to date online map with all consented, proposed, under construction and operating utility-scale energy and renewable energy projects in Ireland. Our online map is the best place to get informed about the name, the owner, the generating capacity and the location of the projects.

Printed Maps

IrishEnergy Net as a subsidiary of La Tene Maps has a collection of poster and pdf maps of all utility-scale energy and renewable energy projects. The maps are reviewed and produced on an annual basis by La Tene Maps.


Behind each sector of the online map is a database. These databases are under constant revision and often contain more information on the subject area than the map.

Electricity Generation
Energy Storage
Fossil Fuels
Oil and Gas
Solar PV
Wave and Tidal

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Our online map provides information about the name, the owner, the developer and the generating capacity of the operating projects.

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